Our Philosophy is to maintain the track of our development as a modern company that actively sets trends in terms of design, technology, as well as consideration and respect to the environment.

Excel Greentech Pvt. Ltd puts an emphasis on maximum customer satisfaction by continuously meeting customers’ needs and expectations. Operative and strategic flexibilities allow us to achieve our goals.


  • With wide range of our quality products, we are sure to get us and our associates in a leading position with our cutting-edge technology and “Value for Money” policy in all our endeavours.
  • Committed to provide affordable, efficient and durable lighting solution for domestic and industrial use, presently offering an array of CFL CFL, LED BULBS, LED PANELS, LED STREET LIGHTS AND FLOOD LIGHTS and T5 tubes of various wattages and in different shapes and shades with strict adherence to standard electrical parameter backed by instant pre-sale and post-sale support.
  • Ensuring world-class quality by use of state-of-art manufacturing facilities.
  • Excelite provides wide range of CFL, LED BULB, LED PANELS, LED STREET LIGHTS AND FLOOD LIGHTS and T5 tubes.
  • Each and every product is tailored for Indian market to meet Indian market requirements and continuously Excelling in every sphere.